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Our Beliefs

  1. We believe that every child is a wonderful gift from God and needs to be nurtured according to Godly values
  2. We believe that every child is a curious, active and competent learner with different talents from God that can be nurtured and developed to his or her fullest potential. Every child is an individual who can learn and each child learns differently
  3. We believe that early childhood education should develop the child holistically, and the emphasis should be placed on the learning process. Construction of knowledge is carried out through an integrated approach to learning, purposeful play and quality interactions with the environment
  4. We believe that early childhood educators are facilitators to a child’s learning and responsible for making every child under his or her care feel loved, secure and valued
  5. We believe that parents play a critical role in their children’s learning and we promote collaborative home-school partnership.
  6. We believe that early childhood education should build up positive learning dispositions and attitudes in young children to prepare them for life-long learning

CHILDREN – Curious, Active and Competent Learners

Children are viewed as curious, active and competent learners who are able to be constructors of knowledge as they engage in purposeful play, experience quality interactions, explore their environment and discover learning through hands-on exploratory learning experiences.


TEACHER – Facilitator of Learning

Our teachers plan engaging and meaningful experiences that nurture children’s holistic development, facilitate their learning process to stimulate their thinking and learning, set up an effective learning environment, document the children’s developments and partner with families to enhance children’s learning. They regularly reflect on their professional practices and are actively involved in their own continuing professional development.


OUR FOCUS – Process of Learning

At CPK, we focus on the processes of learning instead of the end product in a child’s learning experience. We believe that every child should enjoy learning, be allowed to make mistakes, and learn from their own mistakes. They are encouraged to ask questions, explore, experiment, interact and take ownership of their own learning!


COMMUNITY – Partners in Education

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Calvary Pandan Kindergarten has a supportive environment and collaborative culture with Calvary Pandan B-P Church and various community partners to support and enhance the children’s learning.


Church – pastors, preachers or church members are actively involved to support the spiritual aspects of CPK


Parents – Support Group (PSG) - We have an active PSG which constantly initiates, plan and implements programmes / activities in CPK that align to CPK’s mission, vision and goals.


Schools – CPK works with primary school to familiarise children with primary school settings through school visits, inviting primary school personnel to give talks, or carrying out virtual tours of a primary school


Other Community Partners – CPK actively works with numerous community partners to enhance the development of children


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