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Our Facilities

A kindergarten should be a “Home away from Home” and this is exactly what Calvary Pandan Kindergarten has to offer to the children placed under our care. At Calvary Pandan Kindergarten, we are equipped with the following facilities:

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List of Facilities

  • Classrooms Open or Close

    Clean, well-equipped and spacious classrooms with ceiling fans and windows. Ceiling fans are turned on and windows are open to provide ventilation throughout the day. Air conditioners are used when the weather is warm, and during periods of haze or poor air quality. All classrooms are equipped with child-sized furniture, different learning corners and air-purifiers. Hand sanitizers are available for children in every classroom.

  • Computer Rooms Open or Close

    Air-conditioned and fully equipped with laptops, overhead projectors and a printer to enhance learning for every child during his/her IT lessons. All computer classes are conducted by a trained computer teacher who is assisted by the class teacher.

  • Music & Movement Rooms Open or Close

    Air-conditioned and spacious with carpeted flooring, 2 pianos and a cupboard of musical instruments for Music and Movement. The room is also well-equipped with audio and visual technology; an overhead projector, screen and PA system.

  • Outdoor Playground Open or Close

    A big courtyard with carpet grass within the safe compound of the church building. It is well-equipped with many outdoor play structures and equipment.


  • Water Play Area Open or Close

    Mobile water troughs are available to promote children’s learning in a fun way as they explore water properties and other scientific and numerical concepts. 

  • Restrooms Open or Close

    The flooring of the child-sized children’s restrooms is specially coated for anti-slip effects and is fully equipped with individually-partitioned cubicles with sitting bowls, sinks, countertops, mirrors, hand soap, hand dryers and a floor blower to keep the floor dry. Within the restrooms, there is a designated wet area equipped with warm water to wash up children who have soiled themselves. Finger guards are installed at the hinges of the toilet cubicle doors to prevent children from injuring their fingers. 


  • Teachers' Resource Room Open or Close

    A portioned and cosy area within the kindergarten office that is well-stocked with educational resources for our teaching staff’s easy access. It is well-equipped with computers, printers and all other necessary IT gadgets to aid our staff in their work. It is also a place where we gather for meetings, prayers or simply fellowship to bond with one another!

  • Kitchen Open or Close

    A simple and clean kitchen with an experienced cook who prepares all the yummy and nutritious food for the children and CPK staff. Our cook has a Statement of Attainment in “Follow Food and Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures”, performs annual health checks and has completed all necessary vaccinations required of a food handler.

  • John Sung Auditorium Open or Close

    A fully air-conditioned, 2-levelled auditorium with comfortable seats. It is well-equipped with a carpeted stage, lighting, sound system, an overhead projector, an organ and a grand piano. This is where we host our annual graduation concert. It can accommodate approximately 1,000 people.

  • Junior Worship Sanctuary Open or Close

    A fully air-conditioned room, with a carpeted floor and rows of benches for children to sit. It is also well-equipped with a piano, an overhead projector, sound system and whiteboard. Children gather here to worship and learn the Word of God from various speakers who are invited when we have celebrations.

  • Fellowship Hall Open or Close

    A spacious area with a simple stage for our CPK children to assemble and have a time of Singspiration before their day at CPK commences. It is also equipped with a PA system. The Fellowship Hall is well-ventilated with many ceiling fans, and can be converted into an air-conditioned hall when we hold special celebrations for the children. On rainy days, the spacious hall can be used for indoor play.