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Testimonial 3

Jeanette Pang, 10 July 2013

(Mother of Wayne – Y2013 Nursery, Xavier – Y2012 K2 graduate)


Both of my boys joined Calvary Pandan Kindergarten when they were two and a half years old. They enjoyed school so much that they always looked forward to going to school the next day. My eldest boy graduated from CPK in Y2012 and is with St. Anthony Primary School now. He found no problems in both adapting to the new environment and in his school work. CPK did a great job in preparing him to face the next challenge in his next phase of life. My 2nd boy is still with CPK and has shown great improvement in his work and is now more sociable. I always enjoy the school year end concert as I love listening to the children’s singing. Every year, I am touched by the children’s voices as they sing their hearts out. It is indeed very incredible that the teachers of CPK can prepare the children of different ages to sing so well together. I am currently expecting my 3rd child and I will definitely enrol him in CPK. I would like to thank all CPK's teachers for the great work.



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