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Testimonial 2

Lisa Foo Siew Mooi, 10th July 2013

(Mother of Tan Wing Ter – Y2012 K2 graduate)


We were looking for a kindergarten for our girl when we heard recommendations on CPK. We managed to get some time to drop by the school and took the opportunity to look around and speak to a few teachers. They seemed caring and spoke proudly of the work on display done by their students. That and the fact that this is a Christian-related kindergarten made us decide to enrol Wing Ter here.


Wing Ter enjoyed her formative years in CPK. She related well with others & made friends not only within her class but also with children from other classes. We especially like the Christian songs she learnt and the biblical theme of the school’s year end concert. This was evident when she told us once that she was leading her Sunday class singing session because she already knew the songs being taught. Once we were told that Wing Ter’s learning progress was more advanced than her peers and she was restless during lessons. Her teacher responded by giving her extra responsibilities in class and asked her to assist her classmates who need help and it seemed to work! Overall, we believe the choice of CPK for Wing Ter was a wise one and we would like to thank her teachers for their love & care!



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